Nilavro Nill Shoovro . Memories of The Faded Lines


circling the few words
of vanished sentences
pulling down the washed out canvas
during the silence of distance


browsing through the locked wardrobe not for the keys
still hoping to find few memorable days of midnight dreams


only to encounter with
our words and vows
touches and screams
moans and epilogues


like the gladiators to win
over the other
unlike the symphony
of love and courage .


Nilavro Nill Shoovro


Bill Schwalm . Hardness of Love


You are somewhere
where a moss grows on forever
where a bat hangs among fruit
in the sound of your voice
I no longer hear you

Not in savor of onion
in texture of burlap
scent of new tires 
cigarette smoke or
in water my lover.

Intractable pattern
light on birds turning
scent of wet pavement
not home by twilight
yet gone by morning.

Calmly indifferent 
difficult like jazz
inscrutable as fate
impossible as first love
fiercest of animals

Obstinate hardness
to love and hate wanting 
soft nowhere yet
I know
you are somewhere.


Bill Schwalm

Chuck Wiley . The Time of Jacob’s Trouble


The birthright that was given,
And the number of the name,
The doors are finally opened,
As they rise up from the flames,

The bastard sits in silence,
Now upon his gilded throne,
The streets are filled with sorrow,
Now the day comes to atone,

Flee into the hills now,
Taking nothing from your home,
In the lengthening of shadow,
From the Rock and covered dome,

This time is now the trouble,
From the visions Daniel had,
The status quo in shambles,
What was good has now gone bad,

Creation screams for Saving,
As the weight of evil builds,
The searching Eye is casting,
For the payload that shall kill,

The cattle cars are coming,
Slick with blood of those before,
The signs are in the heavens,
That shall shake us to the core,

Nature abhors,

The vacuum of those left behind….


Chuck Wiley

Kim Oliver . Fifty Shades of Grey


No…it is not a man


You meet my lips with the sweetest of touches.

Your coolness melts into my being.

I cannot remember when we met…

Seems I have known you forever.


You take me to heights extraordinaire.

When we become one….what bliss.

Longing for you this very moment; yet,

You rarely remain in my presence.


You are my 50 shades of grey-

The exciter and soother of my soul.

I am missing you tonight…

Perhaps tomorrow my dream shall be fulfilled.


Kim Oliver

S. J. Falling Rock . When ‘ We ‘ Become You


I remember when we meant everything to you,
How we  shared  dreams, hopes and ambitions. 
I remember when you valued my point of view, 

Somewhere though “We” became all about you. 
I don’t remember exactly when it happened, 
One day I came home and our stuff was gone.
Memories turned into fireplace fodder in summer, 
I guess not everything in one’s life can be fireproofed. 

I could drive myself crazy with all these “What if’s” 
In a split second I’d become Black Ice’s next victim. 
My rear view mirror’s already befriending the asphalt, 
Cigarette smoke is purging me of your perfume scent. 

I sold our house shortly before leaving town, 
Managed to turn a little bit of a profit. 
Now I’m heading back to the East Coast, 
Maybe I’ll meet the girl who’ll take my last name. 

Right now though I’m weaving my way through traffic, 
Trying to find some semblance of order to my thoughts. 
The sign back there says I’m about three hours away, 
Maybe by then I’ll have made my peace with our past. 


S J Falling Rock