Tom Higgins . A Thought On Thinking


Walking along the path least trod,
I thought of why men need a god,
I thought of what it is to be,
I pondered on what it is that’s me.
Then I thought, as think I must,
That I am as important as a speck of dust
Because within such dust we find
Structures that the average mind
Cannot begin to understand

Which brings me back to the matter in hand,
Of why exactly sentient life came to be
Within this insignificant speck called me.
But then again I thought some more
About what I am here for
I thought about the “what” it is inside
This structure in which “the me” doth abide.

I thought about the billions of bacterium
That outnumber my body cells a hundred to one,
And then I thought of how natural chance
Taught us how to sing and dance,
And write and play music, and understand
That none of this was ever planned
And that pure chance and accident
Brought us to where we were, before we went.


Tom Higgins 

Kim Oliver . This Night


Painful aching deep inside
Fearfulness where hope resides.
Inability to connect created-
Choices to ignore;
Yet deep within the ocean 
The heart though blue as once portrayed
Still beats with Hope.

Fear begins the swell of the wave;
Faith crashes it on the shore.
He who calms the storm within and without 
Will determine what lands upon the sand-

Be it detritus or treasures
Love will ever remain.

KDO- 31013


Kim Oliver

Steven Curtis Lance . Interconnectedness



I saw a passing cloud turn pink
And swallow the moon or made me think
It did but hid it in plain sight

Inside its shining silver lining
Until it faded into night

But the moon looked brighter there where I
Saw it rise to surprise the sky
Where the shining stars were aligning


We called each other really silly names
Made lots of pots of tea played silly games
She won but were fun with names like Uno

She always beat me at Scrabble because
Of the way I am and the way she was
I went for the words and she meant to score

But this was a long time ago before
And why do I even remember now
Who never want to talk about it? But

I wonder does she remember or not
Though I know I do so now this is how
If you have ever been in love you know


I saw a double rainbow the other day
It was raining but the sun was shining anyway
From end to end spanning the sky like a bridge

This design of a hopeful sign this reality
As fantastical as any fantasy
My camera could not photograph its better half

But I knew it was true and it made me laugh
Feeling privileged to see it shining on the ridge
Then like I knew a secret when it faded away


The interconnectedness
Of all that is in all of us
Where we share reality

Our common plane of existence
When it feels real being me
Seeing us then where you are too

Freeing being there with you
Through pleasure pain and persistence
Uncommonly felt now and then

Reminds us of us again .


Steven Curtis Lance 

Steven Jacobson . Spiritual Essence


the spirit moves one to realize the truth, 
and the heart propels one to see and become love.

the spirit transcends all earth-like feelings,
and the heart renders one to be joyful and open.

the spirit pushes to ponder the moment,
and the heart yearns to be free, heartfelt by the soul.

the spirit guides away from the mind and body,
and the heart gives and girds in earnest to one another.

the spirit gains and grows giving life cause,
and the heart perceives and pushes one to sail upwards.

the spirit proclaims an abundance for life,
and the heart wishes, waits in the moment forever.


Steven Jacobson