The Five Elements by Kartik Angara


The wind can read
your invisible writings,
The sky can see
your unfathomable depths,
The earth can exhume
your corpse of secrets,
The fire can burn
your desire to yearn,
The water can dilute
your strongest emotions!

If such is the power of five elements,

can we not expect a trait of each element in a person?

Some can read, what’s written on you face, for it’s a book for them

Some see into those depths of your heart invisible to others,

Some expose, those secrets, so subtly, that you never would have imagined,

Some burn you, consuming your every desire in their flames,

And some, have the power to dilute, those emotions which were strongly felt by your heart!


Kartik Angara

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Mirrored by Sonja Benskin Mesher


everyday looks the same

in the mirror,

on reflection its not.

we make our patterns,

the pleasantries

while all around changes.

sometimes, slowly,



even that mirror changes,

darkling, fading with age,

the corruption

of our own eyes.

today i go

through the looking glass.



Sonja Benskin Mesher

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Eggshells by David Martin


Sometimes it
Feels good to
Break them.

To hear them
Crack into

Else. or a shape,
That can never
Be repaired.

Or just some

Breaking the law
In some,
Sweet schedule.


David Martin

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Flight by Ian Hall


As you step so lightly

From here to there

What need then of me

Left shuddering upon

this weathered shore.

Most spend lifetimes

Not even dreaming

Of all you plainly see

Though I’ve heard

My eyes refuse to see.

I am salamander still

You winged and named

So many things, beasts

Gods. All ten thousand straw dogs

I fear, you fly.


Ian Hall

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